Awesome shopping trolley trailer

Hey guys, I have been working on this project for a couple of months. It’s a trailer I can hitch to the back of my chair and it’s made out of scrap. The technique that I used for painting was paint pouring.

The first test was trying it out at the markets. Bear even loves to go for a ride in it.

Creative Collab

Chrissy and I (Anthony) have been working on a new art project that has one simple rule:

Everything has to be found or donated. $0 budget.

After exploring the back streets of Byron and digging through the skips behind the local shops we managed to amass a bunch of various materials and objects. Bottle caps, frames, rolls of ribbon, broken toys, electronics, you name it. Chrissy sets the direction and works as the spotter identifying locations and bins for me to search more closely. She audits the findings and we keep the materials that fits her vision. We then take it all back to her place for further sorting.

The construction process is a fun one. Chrissy directs the production and we collaborate on creative thinking. She describes how she wants things painted and laid out and I do the physical construction. Given the diverse amount of materials the process requires a lot of thinking and planning and almost always results on at least one of us getting covered in paint and glue.

This is the first finished piece and now hangs in the common room at Chrissy’s place. We are both very keen to work together on creating more pieces and starting to sell them at galleries and markets. Let us know what you think.